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    Don't miss the Casual Dining & Barstools/Murphy Beds of San Diego booth at the San Diego Convention Center Home Show this weekend, Jan 10-12

    Last updated 4 years ago

    Stop by our booth at the San Diego Convention Center home show this Friday through Sunday January 10-12.  Both Casual Dining & Barstools and Murphy Beds of San Diego will be there.  Click here for more info about the show:

    See you there!


    Casual Dining & Bar Stools on Google+

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Check out Casual Dining & Bar Stools  Google+ page for all of our latest blog updates, photos of our store and to see what people are saying about us! While you are there, tell us what you think by leaving a review, here! 

    Hope to see hear from you soon!

    Spaces That Are Perfect for a Pub Set

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A pub set can provide couples, colleagues, and groups of friends with an ideal atmosphere for catching up in a casual or formal manner. A pub set is one of the most versatile furniture arrangements, ideal for placement and use in a variety of business and residential environments.

    In the home, pub sets are great to have near the bar. Some pub sets even double as bar tables with built-in storage space for glasses, liquor, shakers, etc. Pub sets may also be appropriate for use in dining rooms, home offices, game rooms, and home theaters. In the food service industry, pub sets can be integrated into the design of bars, restaurant dining rooms, and cafes.

    Would you like to spice up the design of your San Diego home or restaurant with a pub set or two? At Casual Dining & Bar Stools, you will find the finest and largest selection of bar stools and pub sets in the area. To enquire about our inventory or our vision, call (858) 578-5881.

    Ways to Bring More Traffic into Your Bar

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Owning, managing, and working at a bar can be a lot of fun for someone who thrive on social interaction and showing people a good time. It can also be lucrative, provided that you establish a profitable and effective pricing model and attract a lot of business. If you have just opened up a bar, are looking to revive your bar’s old reputation, or are simply looking to fill your bar to capacity more frequently to make your venture more profitable and exciting, consider making the following changes.

    Update Bar Front

    Your bar’s interior may be what wins over your customers’ loyalty, but the façade and entryway will draw them inside initially. While you will be able to benefit more from word-of-mouth and marketing once you have established a strong reputation, creating an inviting or intriguing entrance may prove indispensable early on in your bar’s operation.

    Host Events

    Theme nights with costume contests, live music, and bar trivia can all draw a crowd. Think about the population in your neighborhood as well as your target demographic when deciding what type of events to host. Dart boards, pool tables, shuffleboard tables, and skee-ball units may also help you build up a regular client base, but only invest in these types of games if they fit within the framework of the atmosphere you are trying to create in your bar.

    Upgrade Your Furniture

    The most comfortable and ergonomic bar stool seats’ stand roughly one foot shorter than the bars they accompany. If there is not already between 11 and 14 inches between bar stools and bars or dining chairs and dining room tables in your bar, then consider upgrading to appropriately sized furniture that will make your bar more comfortable for patrons.

    Investing in a new set of bar stools that are attractive, comfortable, and of an ideal height can be a real boon for your bar. For access to the largest and most impressive selection of bar stools in  the San Diego Area, check out one of our four conveniently located San Diego County showrooms. If you have any questions, call (858) 578-5881 to speak with a courteous and knowledgeable member of our staff.

    Reasons to Consider Stocking Wines on Tap

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Stocking high-quality wines on tap is a great way to draw social trendsetters to your fine restaurant or sophisticated bar today, and it seems poised to become increasingly popular in the future. If you are considering serving wine on tap in your bar or restaurant dining room and are curious to learn about the advantages of doing so, simply read on.


    Wine in kegs? At first thought, this may not seem classy. Upon reflection on any winery visits you have made, however, you may change your mind. Wine is always aged in a barrel or tank, as you may have observed at vineyards in Sonoma or any other wine capitals you have been to. Instead of being transplanted to bottles before being sold for consumption, wine on tap is simply dispensed directly from the barrel. Whenever wine is summoned from the tap, the emptied chamber space in the keg fills with argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or a combination of these gases. This keeps the wine from oxidizing, a process that compromises the richness of a wine’s flavors.

    Temperature Control

    Dual-zone kegerators available from select suppliers enable restaurants and bars to keep up to four kegs of wine chilled at one time. Red and white wines can be chilled simultaneously, and dispensed to the customer at their ideal temperatures.

    The Environment

    Several hundred million bottles of wine pass through the restaurant industry’s hands each year. After use, virtually all of these bottles end up crushed in a landfill. Wine kegs can hold 26 bottles’ worth of wine, and they can be reused again and again. It may not be practical for private residents to drink wine from the tap, but this eco-friendly option makes a lot of sense for restaurants and bars.

    If you have decided to capitalize on the opportunity to serve wine on tap before most other San Diego establishments, why not make a real splash by investing in some new bar stools as well? Casual Dining & Bar Stools carries the most expansive selection of dining room and bar furniture in San Diego County. Our slogan is “What You Want is What You Get” and our number is (858) 578-5881.

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