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    3 Tips for Entertaining with Your New Home Bar

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Once you find the perfect casual dining furniture with which to set up a home bar, it is time to start using your new space! The best way to entertain in your new bar area is to keep it fully stocked and ready for guests. Use the following tips to make the most of your home bar setup:

    Be Sure to Have All the Supplies
    Your home bar can be fully functional if you have the right supplies. Equip your bar with plenty of ice bins, spoons, shakers, jiggers, and muddlers. On days you are entertaining, make sure you have ice, sugar, salt, lemons, and other garnishes you might need to whip up a cocktail. You should also have a nice selection of glassware that you can use to serve wine, martinis, cocktails, and shots. Complete the setup with a blender that you can use to make frozen drinks.

    Keep Main Liquors On Hand
    As long as you have cognac, white rum, gin, bourbon, vodka, and tequila in your bar area, you can create a menagerie of cocktails for your guests. If you know you are throwing a party, you might also want to open a few bottles of wine and beer so you can meet every taste. Do not forget to stock up on mixers like soda and juice.

    Start Making Drinks
    As your guests arrive, start testing out your bartending skills! While they get comfortable in your bar stools, ask them what they want to drink. As a host, it is your job to walk around the party and make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools can make your home bar dreams come true. Our selection of dining room and kitchen furniture gives you the selection you need to build an amazing space for entertaining. Visit us online or call us at (858) 578-5881 to learn more about our selection in San Diego.

    A Look at the Rising Popularity of Craft Beers in the United States

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Craft beers are currently incredibly popular. This seemingly recent trend has actually been decades in the making. People perch in bar stools across the country to have conversations with family and friends over a cold glass of their favorite brew. Keep reading to learn about this beverage’s increase in popularity:

    By the end of the 1970s, the American beer landscape changed from a conglomeration of international beers into a landscape of primarily light lager. Due to creative marketing, most Americans started to prefer this light lager that offered lower-calorie options. Eventually, the American beer industry dwindled down to 44 brewing companies. The way the beer market was heading, industry experts predicted the number to eventually dip as low as five. What they did not realize, though, was that this left the market open for the home brewing craze.

    Taking Control of the Beer Selection

    Although a majority of Americans were happy with the light lager, there were still quite a few who longed for more international flavors. Since the traditional industry no longer provided a variety of options, they started to home brew beer, which eventually turned into a craft brewing industry.

    Spreading the Craft Way

    In 1976, The New Albion Brewery Company opened in California. Started by one of the many home brewers, this brewery was a defining moment in the craft beer revolution. It eventually closed, but left a major mark on craft brewers. Although it was difficult to find success in the shadow of the beer industry, craft beer brewers finally found their niche. Today, there are more than 1600 brewers throughout the United States.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools offers the largest selection of casual dining furniture and bar stools in San Diego. Come in today to find kitchen and dining furniture that sets the perfect setting for your craft beer adventures. To learn more about our furniture or to hear about our selection advantage, visit our website or call us at (858) 578-5881.

    How to Bartend with Extra Style

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One of the most exciting aspects of being a bartender is incorporating your own style into your creations. Whether you include a flaming garnish or add special flavors like cinnamon, putting your own spin on a drink helps you keep your bar stools full. Check out this video to learn some special tricks that will help you keep your bar busy!

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools offers the best selection of bar stools and casual dining furniture in San Diego. Come in today to find the furniture you need to set up your own bar. For more information, call us today at (858) 578-5881.

    Get Great Dining Room Advice With These Resources

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Learn how to decorate your dining room and kitchen by checking out these great websites. When you are ready to start shopping for the perfect bar stools and casual dining room furniture, call Casual Dining & Bar Stools at (858) 578-5881!

    4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Bar Stools

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Bar stools provide stylish seating options in kitchens, dining rooms, and home bars. When the time comes to choose new bar stools for your home, you can be sure to make the right choice by considering these factors:


    • This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting new stools. Measure your countertop, table, or bar top as well as the distance from the top surface to the ground. When shopping, look for models that will create a 10- to 13-inch gap to provide comfortable seating for guests.


    • Once you figure out what height you need, start thinking about other aspects of your bar stool options. Seats come in a wide variety of styles and are made from various materials. Consider what materials look best with the décor in your room when selecting stools.


    • Some bar stools move, while others stay still. You should think about what type of movement or non-movement you want before you start shopping. Swiveling stools are a great choice for rooms where people may be sitting on either side of the countertop area. Stationary stools are also popular in many areas of the home.


    • It is important to find bar stools that fit in with the other decorative elements in the room. Think about the colors and patterns found in the room to determine its overall style. Then, look for bar stools that match this décor theme.

    If you are in the market for new bar stools, you can find the Selection Advantage here at Casual Dining & Bar Stools! We offer a wide variety of choices, making it easy to find a set of bar stools that works perfectly for your décor and your personality. We believe that what you want is what you get! Learn more by visiting our website or calling us at (858) 578-5881.

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