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    How to Decorate Your Dining Room

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When decorating your dining room, it’s important for you to consider the physical dimensions of the space as well as the type of atmosphere that you want it to inspire. If you’re going down the more contemporary route with your décor, then choose an interesting table that’s paired with chairs of different colors and patterns. After you’ve chosen your ideal furniture pieces, turn your attention to accessories such as chandeliers and window coverings. Choose items that tie the look together and create a comfortable space for your dinner guests.

    If your dining room is small, then be sure to choose a rectangular table that allows you to expand length-wise. Don’t miss this video if you’d like to learn more about decorating your dining room. To find out how you can customize your dining furniture with Casual Dining & Bar Stools, call us at (858) 578-5881.

    A Guide to Creating a Casual Dining Room

    Last updated 5 years ago

    From holiday dinner parties to the occasional pizza night with friends, a home’s dining room provides the perfect setting for families to enjoy themselves throughout the year. Those who don’t have space for a formal dining room can still create a stylish environment in which to entertain by choosing the right dining room furniture and floor plan. Here is a guide to creating a casual dining room:

    Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Styles

    When shopping for your dining furniture, don’t feel obligated to choose chairs and tables that are the same colors or made from the same material. Going against the grain and selecting separate styles of furniture that come together to create a statement will result in a dining space that is cool, comfortable, and reflective of your personal taste.

    Keep the Decorations and Accessories Simple

    After choosing your main dining room furniture pieces, such as your chairs and table, it’s time to decide what type of accessories you would like to add to the décor. A casual dining space should feature simple decorations, such as a timeless bowl or vase filled with vibrant lemons or an effortless flower arrangement.

    Use Classic Colors to Create a Sense of Comfort

    You can achieve the comfortable, livable feeling that a casual dining room should evoke by choosing neutrals and earth tones for your dining tables and chairs. Browns, creams, and whites will create a sense of coziness in the room that your guests are sure to enjoy.

    Add Calming Artwork to Round Out the Space

    In addition to brightening up the room with tabletop accessories, you can add some subtle pizzazz to your casual dining room with artwork. Choose photographs or artwork that are inspired by nature to tie the room together and create fluidity throughout the space.

    You can find the furniture you need to create a beautiful dining room here at Casual Dining & Bar Stools. Since we have the largest selection of casual dining furniture in San Diego, what you want is what you get! Call us at (858) 578-5881 to learn more about our products.

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    Last updated 5 years ago

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    How to Stock Your New Home Bar

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Nothing is better than enjoying some drinks with your friends. But bars are often lacking in selection, tend to be overcrowded, and are always overpriced! You can spend time with your friends without spending a fortune by designing a home bar. Casual Dining & Bar Stools offers an amazing selection of bar stools, making it easy to get your bar started. Now all you need to do is stock it.

    Start With the Basics

    Heading straight to the liquor store can be overwhelming, which is why it is a good idea to start with a simple list. Start with the drinks that you like the most and then think about the drinks that your friends enjoy. You can never go wrong with classics such as vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and bourbon.

    Choose What You Like

    All of your friends will want to hang out at your place when they see your new bar, but you don’t need to impress them with big brand names or big price tags. It is important to stock your bar with ingredients that you are sure to use. You can do this by choosing the alcohols and brands that you enjoy the most and using them to make awesome drinks for you and your friends.

    Don’t Forget Your Mixers

    If you want to make mixed drinks, you will need to include mixers in your home bar. Your list of favorite drinks will come in handy when deciding on mixers to purchase. Consult your list and determine which drinks require mixers. Common bar mixers include club soda, ginger ale, orange juice, tomato juice, and tonic water.

    Select Quality Glassware

    You can’t serve drinks without glasses! Complete your home bar setup by finding quality glassware to present to your guests. Some of the common glasses found in bars include stem glasses, short glasses, and tall glasses.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools has a wide variety of bars, bar stools, and other casual dining furniture that can help you design the perfect home bar. You can find out more about our selection advantage by contacting us today at (858) 578-5881.

    Visit These Sites To Learn How To Pick The Perfect Dining Furniture For Your Home

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you want to choose the best furniture and accessories for your home and style, then you can look to these websites for some sound advice. Contact Casual Dining & Bar Stools at (858) 578-5881 when you are ready to start shopping!

    Head over to this page from Better Homes and Gardens for a guide that will help you choose the perfect dining room table.

    If you’re looking for inspiration for a beautiful new dining room, check out the dining room styles on this page from

    Click over to this page from for more helpful tips to keep in mind when shopping for your home bar supplies.

    Discover more dining room decorating tips that will accent your new table on this page from

    You can find everything you will need for an amazing home bar setup on this page from

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