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    Tips for Opening a Dive Bar

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Even though it may seem as if some dive bars have been around since the beginning of time, these establishments are opened all the time. You can learn how to create the dive bar atmosphere that you want by watching this instructive video. There are even some tips for scouting out just the right location and attracting a client base that will keep coming back to your establishment every night.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools can help you get your dive bar up and running with the custom furniture you need to make just the right look. Along with the best selection of casual dining furniture in the area, we also have a large selection of our own designs, so check us out online or call (858) 578-5881 to start shopping for your establishment.

    Popular Materials and Styles to Consider for Your Restaurant Barstools

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Seat selection is extremely important when you decorate a kitchen or bar. The right barstool perfectly matches your bar’s aesthetics and is also comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Use this guide to barstool materials and styles to find an option that matches your interior.

    Durable Materials: Barstools are available in several materials, and each has its own advantages. Plastic is a good pick for buyers who prioritize affordability. Plus, plastic barstools are readily available in almost any color. Wood barstools help a bar to achieve a classic look. Wood stools are also very durable and make a great long-term investment for your bar. You can also make your interior seem more modern by adding metal barstools. Metal barstools can be found in almost any shape and size, so it’s easy to find metal stools that fit your size requirements. You should also consider bar stools that utilize a mix of wood, metal, and other materials. These contemporary options are very versatile and look great with a wide range of decorating schemes.

    Attractive Styles: Be sure to keep the needs of your guests in mind when deciding on a barstool. First, consider the comfort of your guests. If you plan to use a barstool for dining purposes, you should choose a seat with back support and a footrest.  On the other hand, a backless spinning barstool would be perfect for casual bar areas. The second thing you should consider when choosing a barstool is presentation. The right barstool will complement the styles that already are already present in your decorating scheme.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools has all high-quality restaurant furniture your bar needs. We stock several barstools in different styles and materials. Give us a call at (858) 578-5881 or visit us online to learn more about our inventory.

    Irish Pub Design for the American Bar Owner

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Great Irish pubs are hard to find the United States. Designing a great Irish pub is even harder. The right décor can go a long way toward making your bar space resemble a classic Irish pub. Use this guide to add the flavor of the Emerald Isle to your bar interior.

    Basic Decorations: Start with the basic colors and backgrounds. Walls should be painted using rich, dark brown hues.  Complement this base with green and cream colored accents. You should also consider adding dark-colored wood wall paneling. This extra touch helps your new Irish pub look even more authentic.  Go online and tour real Irish pubs to get the color details just right. Take your time in finding the right paints and paneling—these base elements are crucial to achieving the feel of an authentic Irish pub.

    Comfortable Seating: Chairs are another important item to consider when designing an Irish pub. High wood barstools are a must—try to choose a wood grain that naturally complements the color of your paneling. You’ll also need authentic wood chairs for your tables. Avoid using chairs with fancy backs or adjustable heights. These modern materials will completely clash with the classic Irish pub feel you’re trying to create. 

    Authentic Accessories: The walls of Irish pubs are typically covered with flags, lights, signs, and cultural memorabilia. You’ll need to add your own collection of Irish decorations to the wall before your Irish pub is complete. Wall decorations also give you a chance to personalize your Irish pub. Use your wall space as an opportunity to highlight your favorite Irish teams, artists, musicians, and landscapes.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools has the rustic wood barstools your Irish pub needs. Contact us at (858) 578-5881 if you’d like to learn more about our chairs or directions to our store. You can preview many of our barstools by browsing our online inventory.

    Find More Ideas To Make Your Restaurant Or Bar Truly Stand Out!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    New furniture from Casual Dining & Bar Stools can greatly improve the looks of your restaurant or home bar. Give us a call at (858) 578-5881 if you’d like to set a new first impression with your décor. Visit our homepage if you’d like to hear more about our products from actual customers. The following online resources can help simplify your furniture hunt as well.

    The Coolest Bar Counter?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A high-tech bar top will help your nightclub or venue draw in to more customers. After all, nothing brings in return customers like a cool story that can be shared with friends. This video showcases just how cool a high-tech bar can be. 

    The 10m iBar touchscreen counter turns your entire bar into a digital lightshow. The bar senses any object placed onto the surface and projects a colorful light at the point of contact. This video showcases everything that the iBar counter has to offer. Watch this preview of the iBar to decide if your venue or personal space could benefit from one of these high tech upgrades.

    High-tech bars are just one of the ways that you can increase traffic your restaurant. A new set of attractive barstools can enhance your interior design. Choose Casual Dining & Bar Stools if you’re in the market for new dining furniture.  We can be reached at (858) 578-5881.

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