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    Holiday Photo Contest

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Send us a photo of your holiday table and you could win one of these great prizes!

    1. Two tickets to the Taste of San Diego Food Tour

    2. Home consultation free for 1 hour with 1 hour of design

    3. Free round trip ticket anywhere Southwest Airlines travels with four weeks’ notice

    Just for submitting we will give you $50 off your next purchase at Casual Dining &  Bar Stools or at  Murphy Beds of San Diego.

    Creative Ideas to Make Your Bar Counter Stand Out

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The right casual dining furniture and accessories will draw attention to your bar area. When searching for the perfect bar counter décor, add some unique touches to personalize the final look. This guide will help you bring creativity and design to your bar counter so that it stands out and provides the right kind of atmosphere for home entertaining:

    Choose the Perfect Bar Stools

    On top of offering a comfortable place to sit, you want to find bar stools that bring some style to the bar area. Choose between a variety of styles in wood, metal, and even a combination of a few different materials to create your ideal décor. The right bar stools allow you to bring a traditional, modern, or eclectic feel right to your bar counter.

    Add Some Fashionable and Functional Furniture

    In order to make the most out of your bar area, you must include furniture that allows you to entertain at your highest potential. A hutch, buffet, or cabinet gives you the storage space that you need to prepare for any hosting need. You can keep your glassware and wine inside while adding more design to the entire space. Choose a piece that complements your bar stools for a cohesive addition to your décor.

    Add Some Accessories

    Once you have all of the bar and dining room furniture that you need, add some decorative accessories to the space to finish off the look. A stylish ice bucket, for example, can be a great addition to the bar. You can also choose artwork that pays homage to the bar area, drawing more attention to the rest of your design choices.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools offers a selection advantage that gives you the ability to get exactly what you want each time you shop with us. With the best selection of dining and kitchen furniture in San Diego, we keep your home or business functioning to its highest potential. Call (858) 578-5881 to start redesigning your space today.

    Essential Lighting Tips for the Aspiring Restaurant or Bar Owner

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When trying to design a successful restaurant or bar space, atmosphere is everything. If you are just starting out, make sure to incorporate the right kind of lighting into your design plans. Use the following tips to properly illuminate your space and make it more enticing to your customers:

    The Dining Area

    It is important to incorporate a consistent lighting pattern in the dining area. You want your guests to feel comfortable and cozy while enjoying their meals. No matter which kind of lights you choose for the dining room, make sure they are balanced. You can use soft, romantic lights or a brighter, more open pattern to bring life to your dining room. Whichever lighting style you choose, try to work toward consistency to give your diners the best atmosphere in which to eat.

    The Bar Area

    Soft, subtle lighting often works best for the bar area. This sets the mood for your guests and helps them to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the space. When used in conjunction with the right bar stools and dining furniture, mood lighting will help you create a bar space that makes your guests feel completely welcome.

    The Accent Pieces

    On top of the regular lighting, try to incorporate some accent lighting that draws more attention to your design features. If you have an interesting color scheme in a room, for example, you can utilize lights and light fixtures to highlight this. Accent lights can also help make the most of the natural light during the day.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools is here to help you find the perfect dining room furniture for your restaurant or home. With our amazing selection of bar stools and dining furniture, you will want to find the perfect way to illuminate your space. To learn more about the best selection of kitchen furniture in San Diego, call (858) 578-5881 today.

    Different Types of Bar Glasses

    Last updated 5 years ago

    On top of the right dining furniture and bar stools, you want to make sure your bar is stocked with all of the right kinds of glasses. If you like to serve champagne or layered shots, include a few champagne flutes. High-ball or Collins glasses are perfect for one-liquor drinks. Hot mugs give you the chance to serve Irish coffee and other hot beverages. To learn more about bar glasses, watch this video.

    Casual Dining & Bar Stools can provide all of the dining furniture you need to create an amazing bar space in your home or restaurant. With our selection advantage, you can always find exactly what you are looking for. Visit us online or call (858) 578-5881 to learn more about our terrific selection of bar stools and dining furniture.

    Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Look with New Furniture

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Changing the look of your kitchen doesn’t require expensive home remodeling. Avoid the work and stress involved with renovating your kitchen, and achieve a fresh look by updating your kitchen furniture:

    Dining Sets

    If you bought your dining room furniture more than a few years ago, it’s possible that your tastes have changed. Perhaps it no longer serves its purpose or matches the current décor. Get a new, modern dining set to update the style of your kitchen or dining room.

    Dining Chairs

    You can easily update the look of a room by getting new dining chairs. Perhaps you have the perfect table, but the chairs are worn. Dining chairs are available in a wide variety of modern colors and designs. Measure the size and height of your dining table before you start shopping, so you can find the right size chairs for your home.

    Bars, Buffets, and Hutches

    Kitchens with plenty of wide open space could benefit from a bar, buffet, or hutch. They can provide more storage or counter space and really bring a room together. You can store fine dishware and glasses in hutches, or use a bar or buffet for many kitchen tasks, such as food prep and serving.


    Adding barstools to any bar or counter in your kitchen can create an inviting and attractive dining area. Use barstools to add design, color, or comfort to your kitchen—just be sure to measure the height of your bar, buffet, or counter before shopping for your barstools.

    Once you have decided which pieces of dining furniture you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look, visit us at Casual Dining & Bar Stools in San Diego. For more information about our inventory and services, contact us at (858) 578-5881 or visit our website.

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