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    "My wife and I appreciate that type of customer service and follow up"

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Bought a beautiful solid maple dining set made by Saloon of New England. We were a little disappointed that the table's water-based finish wasn't quite as durable as we'd hoped. Despite the fact that the apparent wear on the table wasn't covered under Saloon's warranty, Casual Dining sent a repair person to inspect the edges and make repairs. My... More

    Read Through These Articles For Helpful Dining Furniture Advice

    Last updated 5 years ago

    For many homeowners, picking out the right dining furniture is a process that requires time, inspiration, and knowledge. This important decision can be a little easier to make if you know just where to turn to find support. Read through these articles for helpful dining furniture advice.

    • If you can’t decide what kind of style you want to go with for your dining furniture, get inspired with this spread from  
    • Once you purchase your dining furniture, it’s important to know where to place it. Woman’s Day offers a helpful article on furniture placement that shouldn’t be missed.
    • This Better Homes and Gardens guide to dining room tables is a must-read for those on the fence when it comes to the right table.
    • For great ideas on how to accessorize your new dining furniture, check out these decorating ideas from Good  
    • The article from offers important advice on keeping your wooden dining table clean without harming it.

    For even more dining furniture advice, turn to the experts at Casual Dining & Bar Stools. Visit our showroom in San Diego or give us a call today at (858) 578-5881 to learn about our beautiful dining room and kitchen furniture.

    4 Things You Should Do Before Going to Purchase Dining Furniture

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Decorating any room in your home can be an exciting process. But when it comes to picking out the perfect dining room furniture, there are a few important aspects you need to consider before heading to the furniture store. Here are four things you should do before going to purchase new dining furniture:

    Measure Bar Height

    If your dining room will feature a bar or bar top table, it’s important that you determine how tall your bar will be. This will help you select the perfect bar stools to go along with your new bar top table or countertop.

    Decide On Separates or Furniture Sets

    Before heading out to buy your dining furniture, look around at various styles for inspiration and decide whether or not you want a matching unit or separates. Many homeowners enjoy the elegance that a set offers and will use it everyday or save it for special events like holidays.

    Choose a Style

    It’s important that you decide what kind of purpose you want your dining furniture to serve. If you’re going to be hosting dinner parties often, for example, you may want to focus your future shopping endeavors on finding a formal dining set. If you and your family will just use your table and chairs occasionally, on the other hand, choose a comfortable informal set that follows the style of your home’s interior.

    Determine Room Dimensions

    In addition to the height measurements you’ll require for bar stools and a bar, it’s wise to get the dimensions for the entire dining room. This will help you pick out dining room furniture that won’t crowd the space or look dwarfed in a large room.

    After you’ve completed these four basic steps, come and browse through the large selection of beautiful dining room furniture available at Casual Dining & Bar Stools. We offer the largest assortment of dining furniture and bar stools in the San Diego area. Find out how we can help you by calling us today at (858) 578-5881.

    3 Dining Room Décor Tips

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When decorating your dining room, it’s important to stay true to your style and not worry about straying away from some of the long-held traditions for appropriate décor. Keeping that in mind, it’s easier to create a functional and stylish design if you follow these three tips: pay attention to scale, don’t be afraid to incorporate color, and break the rules. These tips will help you create a room that’s beautiful but not too stuffy.

    To address the issue of scale, make sure you balance out big and small pieces in the room. As far as color goes, have fun and try to add hues that complement the furniture. When it comes to breaking the rules, don’t be afraid to use mismatching chairs or chairs made out of different materials. For more dining room tips, check out this helpful video.

    At Casual Dining & Bar Stools, we know that stylish dining furniture often serves as the base for all of your other dining room décor. Call us today at (858) 224-4410 to find out more about our large selection of dining room sets and custom kitchen furniture.

    How to Arrange Your Casual Dining Furniture

    Last updated 6 years ago

    After purchasing dining room furniture from Casual Dining, be sure to complement its beauty and quality by making sure that it is adequately arranged in your dining room or kitchen. There are many important things to consider while completing this process. However, once it’s finished, you’ll be left with a functional and beautiful new space. Here is a guide to arranging your new furniture from Casual Dining.

    ·         Allow Room to Serve Meals: There should be enough space between the wall and the dining room furniture for the host or hostess to serve guests drinks and food. This passing zone should be a comfortable width of about three and a half feet. If your casual dining space is small, try positioning the table so you can at least access one or two sides without trouble.

    ·         Give Family and Guests Enough Breathing Room: There’s nothing more bothersome while eating than feeling uncomfortable in a crammed space. Try to give each person about two feet of space to eat. Since some people tend to use their body to express emotions or emphasis while conversing, take particularities into consideration and adjust accordingly. 

    ·         Provide a Comfortable Amount of Depth: Be sure to place dining chairs or bar stools at least twenty inches behind the eating surface. This allows your family members or dinner guests to get into their chairs easily. Once they are seated, make sure they feel comfortable knowing that they can adjust this depth to maximize their comfort. It’s also important to provide enough space for them to back up—for most adults this is about one and a half feet.

    Here at Casual Dining & Bar Stools, we love helping our guests design the perfect dining space. That’s why we offer excellent customer service and a selection advantage that always guarantees that what you want is what you get. To learn more about our high-quality dining furniture, visit our website or call (858) 578-5881. 

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